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Kaizen – metoden til blivende forandringer

walking the Warriors path – Kaizen – one small step at the time


When I was 20 I had this vision of what would be coolest thing to do. It was not traveling around the world nor jumping parachute or having a motorcycle. The coolest thing I could think of, was to get up early in the morning and practice Tai Chi and meditate. Up with the sun and that is like 4:30 where I live during the summer. I tried and failed, in the morning I was to tired and as I love the soft warmth of my cushions and blankets, it did not work.

Over the years I tried again and again and failed – feeling miserable over and over. I felt miserable cos in my world, getting up in the morning, practicing, was tso cool and since I didn’t succeed, it meant that I was a failure.


I had other big visions that I wanted to realized, but when ever I started doing it, I ended up failing again and again. I felt miserable for years and turned to escapism to get over my self pity for being such a failure.


My base intent was to master myself and my life, but i couldn’t, I didn’t have the self discipline for the huge step forward that I’ve planned. Alas…


Yet I did not give up and one day kaizen came to me and I started to study it.

I could not believe that if I had to succeed, I had to do just tiny steps, like 5 min tai chi in the morning. After trying to make a lot of different not so big steps in my life towards stuff I burned for and failing again, but this time not that much, I realized that I had to keep it damn simple. 1 project and 1 minute to start with. I did the plank for 1 min and then added 5 sec each day. It worked !!! It f***ing worked!! Then after a week I added on one more thing for 5 min a day and got that thing going as well. Now I both train in the morning and have noted my dream intent. Next I took on a shamanic practice. I did this practise 18 min each day for 36 days, then 1 hour for 52 days. And during this time my morning practice expanded to 4 different physical exercises and meditation as well.

I am slowly on my way to realize my dream for morning training and a lot of other things in my life.


As a warrior this does something strange to you, when it continues over a few month…


‘Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be

deliberate, precise and sustained. If that act is repeated long

enough, one acquires a sense of unbending intent which can be

applied to anything else. If that is accomplished the road is

clear. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes

his full potential.’ – Don Juan Matus


I am still on my way towards living my full potential, yet my self confidence has changed a lot as well as my general feeling of living life I want and dream about.


What does Kaizen means?

Its two ideograms are


the first comes from a man with a whip and a evil snake/spirit, meaning removing the bad and the second from an alter with a sheep, meaning good, like in ‘a good meal’. It’s not the zen ideogram about meditation.

So kaizen means removing the bad in a good way or change for the better. It is mostly used today as meaning continual improvement. I understand it as ‘small steps forward’


On a personal level it is tiny acts on practices that you are sure to succeed with because they are very doable for you. No big change, nope, just a little step.

Like meditating for 5 min every day. The key to success is maintaining the practice EVERY day! So that you every day in full integrity you can say that you … (meditate, write, work out, practice piano or yoga, ect)


For me kaizen is the game changer, everyday I am more and more on top of my life and following my dreams. It not that I have complete self mastery, but i’m confident that I will reach it one day! Today I can say that with only about 8 fails I meditated every morning for a year. Many times only 5 min but mostly 15-20 min. Now I going for getting to a hour. Together with it I done physical training for my back. First plank going from 1 min to 5 min with adding 10 second each day, also other excersises all in all about 12 minutes daily, then yoga for 5 months and now I do some special ones given by an expert. The result is that my back is straightening up and I feel a change in the energy flow and well being. Impeccability and going steady with a practice makes deep changes. 

The warrior’s path is about self discipline and conquering one’s body and mind, here meaning your desires, habits and self-importance/ego delusions. Kaizen is an excellent tool to ensure that each day you have successes and move forward.


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