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Acceptance as a key to personal power

A warrior takes his lot,

whatever it may be,

and accepts it in ultimate humbleness.

He accepts in humbleness what he is,

not as grounds for regret but as a living challenge.

-Don Juan Matus

Because of all our wants, needs, habits and nudgings from our surroundings we are called to do something rather than something else.
Many times this leads to suffering as we end in situations where we judge what we have to do as wrong, boring and irritating.
Alas, what a waste of energy! The truth is that we have a choise! We could stop what we are doing and pay the price of consequences for that act. We could also accept and focus on doing our best with what we have to do. These are option is that of the warrior. To keep on suffering is stupid and waste of your life energy!! One should look careful into all situations where one happen to end in complaining about what jobs/responsibilities/etc that you find yourself in.


‘In order to accomplish the feat of making yourself miserable you have to work in a most intense fashion. It is absurd you have never realized you could work just the same in making yourself complete and strong. The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same’. – Don Juan Matus

So what do you want to feel and be?
Acceptance is the key to open to becoming strong and joyful.
Never be so serious and selfimportant that you cant take or make a joke about what you have accepted to do.

Seize the moment and do your best!

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